Unreleased WoW Dragon Soul Ending Cinematic by Wowcrendor

Posted 01-09-2012 | Category: Official | Size:27.9MB | Format: mp4

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Wowcrendor has made pretty good with his unreleased cinematics series. His Unreleased WoW Mists of Pandaria Trailer nailed down some of the fan myths and legends spurring on the oncoming pandapocolypse.

His new Unreleased Dragon Soul Cinematic is no different. Wowcrendor revisits the final cinematic in Dragon Soul, in which the dragon aspects chat about their new mortal lives. We even get an arrow-to-the-knee rebuttal, killing a joke that very badly need killing. I can't help but feel this is a more realistic conversation between the dragons than the one we actually got. After all, who wants to spontaneously be made mortal? Bring on the Age of Pandas!
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