French Model "Tahiticora" Plays Xbox 360 Wearing a Thong

Posted 08-01-2011 | Category: Official | Size:5.1MB | Format: mp4 | Series: Adult MMOG Special

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Virtual girls will always have a special place in gamers' hearts, but it's nice to return to the real world once in a while to remember its pleasures. French model "Tahiticora" may not be made of polygons, but she certainly qualifies as a babe.

The world of video games and the world of beautiful women has long been considered mutually exclusive, but Tahiticora proves otherwise by bridging the two. It's difficult to find a gamer - or any man - who wouldn't love to have a girlfriend that plays games wearing a tube top and thong, but this video is proof that at least one man out there is living the dream.
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