Bright Shadow - Launch Trailer

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First launched in November of 2009 by Gamepot USA, Bright Shadow was a fantasy MMORPG aimed at the younger audiences. Just over a year later, Bright Shadow closed its door and shut down its servers. Today Gamania has announced the relaunch of Bright Shadow, this time as a online collectible card game. Beta testing is planned for July 8th and will be made available through Gamania's beanfun! platform.

Below are a list of features for the new Bright Shadow as well as the launch trailer also released today.

•More than 500 monster cards to collect
•Summon the ghosts of defeated monsters enlocked within the trading cards to battle foes.
•Use special skills to transform into powerful creatures
•Unique shell-shaded visual design
•Intuitive combat system
•Extensive character customisation
•20 classes to unlock
•Rich story
•More than 60 randomly generated dugeons in the special
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