Forsaken World - New Promotion Movie (Japan)

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Stonemen are the strongest and bravest race. They are a fearless race, proud if their strong bodies and tough skin. They always rush to the front lines. Their giant bodies reassure their allies and raise the morale of any army they fight with. Stonemen are not only natural born warriors but they are also good at smithing, sepecially casting weapons. Powerfulla rms are the best tools a smith could ask for.

Other Races:

Elves have talent enough to be arrogant about; they are elegant, clever and beautiful. In the world of Eyrda, there isn’t a nobbler race than the Elves. They affinities to nature and pious faith to the gods make them talented fighters.

Dwarves are the oldest race of Eyrda, and they also are the most technologically advanced. They are short, have tough, thick skin, and are full of stamina. Wielding deft hands and excellent wisdom, digging and smithing are their strong points. Inventions of all kinds, especially fine machines, are their best tools.

In the world of Eyrda, a Human’s adaptability, potential to learn, and charisma have led the race to a sort of leadership position amongst the world’s inhabitants. After Shyntola was broken, Humans sailed to Ousta with the other races. They are specially close to the Dwarves, who share their love of producting things. Humans are natural born leaders.

The Kindred are very sensitive; they inherited their ancestor’s character. They are willing to give anything for love. Kindred descend from humans, so most would never attack humans. But some Humans covet their immortal life, powerfull physique and perfect appearance, and this jealousy drives the races apart. In the world of Eyrda, the Kindred are the most isolated, united and arrogant, but also the most self-abased race.
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