ArcheAge - CBT3 Character Creation Preview

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XL Games' ArcheAge kicked off its 3rd CBT on May 24th. During this test, the game provides more options upon character creation. Characters will look different based on their races. The Nuians look like human beings, the Elves are similar to mythical gods and the Ferres are endowed with beast appearances.

Human-like Nuians

The Nuians believe in natural balance. 4 faces and 3 hair colors are optional for this race. They bear a strong resemblance to human beings with wide foreheads and prominent noses.

Noble and Elegant Female Elf

The elves are quite noble, looking like mythical gods. 3 hairstyles and 2 hair colors are offered to this race. The elves mainly have long hair, white skin, angular faces and pointy ears, showing the characteristics of both humans and elves.

The Representative of Beasts – the Ferres

With their beast appearances, the Ferres give off the power of nature. 2 hairstyles and 2 hair colors are available to this race. In spite of their short hair and thin faces, the Ferres look capable and energetic.
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