Dragon Nest - Sea Dragon Nest Trailer

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December 23rd will update a new instance which is named Sea Dragon Nest. It's an 8P dungeon which needs all level 50 players' good teamwork. Some details of the Sea Dragon nest include: 1. Can only be done once a week for all players. 2. Minimum of 5 players, maximum of 8 players. 3. Can only be entered using a special ticket, by combining 2 parts from the previous 2 hardest dungeons, Manticore Nest and Nest of Apocalypse. 4. Players are not able to revive or drink recovery potions in the Sea Dragon dungeon (wtf?!). Only a special revival item from the farming system can be used. 5. There are apparently a total of 7 maps in this dungeon. 6. Without a doubt, the strongest and most epic equipments and titles can be found from this dungeon.
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