Aion - 2.0 Dynasty Aion server New Ranger Skill

Posted 07-16-2010 | Category: Fan-made | Size:5.3MB | Format: mp4

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Author: creatorzful Me testing new ranger skills of aion online part of the 2.0 update. On a private server named Dynasty Aion. An Aion private server that supports 1.9+2.0 content. Server info : Server name : DynastyAion Server rates : 300x, 50x, 310x Supports 1.9 with 2.0 content Level cap : 60 Server Features: Summons working,Servants working, Instances Working, Skills working, New maps, etc Easy armors really friendly community. Forums : http://dynastyonline.freeforums.org/i... Friendly Community Economy is balanced ( since its highrate no more long farming! more pvp!!) Register at forums. Download at forums. So come on join!!!!! check guides section in forum for starting gears and stuff ---------------------------------------------------------------- Aion online 2.0 update Aion online private server 2.0 update Private server rthat has 2.0 update Aion online 1.9 update Aion online private server 1.9 Aion online 2.0 update Aion 2.0 Aion 1.9 Aion online private server
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