Genghis Khan Online 2 - CG Trailer

Posted 06-21-2010 | Category: Official | Size:11.1MB | Format: wmv | Series: Non-English MMO

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The "Genghis Khan Online 2" is the new epic of online game developed by Kylin Games, it's the sequel of "Genghis Khan Online " which is the most popluar online game in 2009 and it will also become another peak of the national history games. "Genghis Khan Online 2" is last for three years in research and development by elite teams, total cost of 200 million RMB, is committed to bring the highest quality gaming experience to chinese players. "Cross the magnificent epic of war, re-drawing the world map pattern" is the core of the process in the development of "Genghis Khan Online 2". With the new high-technology and the epic story, it reproduced the sense of the Proud Son of Genghis Khan descent, armed with God's whip, led the Golden Army to conquer the world, and bulit the largest magnificent epic of the nation in chinese history.
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