Dragon Nest - Psycho Goblin Land Hard

Posted 04-23-2010 | Category: Fan-made | Size:63.6MB | Format: mp4

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Author: sibladeko I make up the names for these levels, there is a first Psycho Goblin level but he's just the boss, not the entire theme of the level. The gimmick to this level is if you leave the structures of the goblin tortures alive the big crazy goblins respawn, they have a lot of HP so I actually usually save point blank multi shots for those to take them out in one hit. Anyway I play really conservatively on solo hard which is why I won't use skills where I can believe I can just normal attack an enemy to death. Most of the time my goal on hard levels is not to lose two lives but sometimes I get levels that I can no miss clear. It's pretty rare now though the levels scale up pretty fast.
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