Blade and Soul - AMV / I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin

Posted 12-29-2009 | Category: Fan-made | Size:32.5MB | Format: mp4

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Author: lbamv Remember to watch in HD! ------------------------------------ Title: [lbamv] Blade and Soul AMV / I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin Song: I Will Not Bow Artist: Breaking Benjamin Video Footage: Blade and Soul Character Owner: NCsoft ---------------------------------------- -------------- Disclaimer: I do not own the characters presented in this video, the song used for this video, NCsoft or Breaking Benjamin. I am simply a fan, who has made a fan-base video using this material. No profit is being made from this video. ---------------------------------------- -------------- This is my first real AMV. There are tons of them on YouTube (I know!), but not a whole lot consisting of Blade and Soul :) This is what you get from only a week of work and little knowledge of video editting. Eep! I hope you enjoy it. If you do please rate! And if not, well rate anyway because your feedback will determine if I continue on with video editting. ---------------------------------------- -------------- Q&A Q: What is Blade and Soul A: Blade and Soul is an MMO currently in DEVELOPMENT. Q: Do you work for NCsoft A: No, I do not Q: Where can I find information about Blade and Soul A: You can find out more about Blade and Soul from the official site found here: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/global/en Or by visiting MMOsite's featured page here: http://feature.mmosite.com/bladeandsoul/ Q: Do you work for or own this song A: No, I do not own this song, Breaking Benjamin, or it's label company. You can learn more about this band here: http://www.shallowbay.com/
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