WoW - Sex, Gnomes And Videotape: So, I Went To France

Posted 10-13-2009 | Category: Fan-made | Size:49.5MB | Format: mp4

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Author: BaronSoosdon Source: http://www.warcraftmovies.com/movieview.php?id=128071 It's been a while since my previous documentary style video. A while ago, Olibith invited me to a gnome event which was held in the French RP-server Kirin'Tor. Olibith also made a trailer for the event, "6eme Rassemblement Gnome", you can see it by clicking this (the trailer is fully in French). I went there and came back with this documentary about my trip to 'France'. Soundtrack "Boohoohooo baaawwww, I'm gonna cut myself" by Linkin Park "Dark Corners and Shitty Poems" by My Chemocal Romance "Emo kid is emo" by Bullet For My Epic Fail(THE REAL SONGLIST IS AT THE END CREDITS LOLOL) Subscribe and e-Stalk! YouTube - Endless stream of Rickrolls! Last.FM - so you know what to listen! Twitter - there can never be enough Internet Stalking! Facebook Fan Page - WORSHIP ME, BITCHES!
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