Project of Planets - Gameplay Trailer

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In 2235 A.D. The Middle East was gradually running out of fossil fuels, increasing the fierce fighting for energy among the civilized first world nations. The United Nations was to become but a pawn in the increasingly militaristic world of domestic foreign policy. Military powers continued to focus their unyielding force into the application of nuclear fusion and the secret research and development branches of their governments. Mechanoids emerged as the predominant successor to nuclear technology. Unbeknownst to the world population, an alien organism slowly and surely began its descent into the atmosphere devouring the ozone layer and contaminating the earth's surface. No longer could people survive amidst the radiation, holding their heads high, they began their journey to their underground bases and shelters. In 2249 A.D Humanity's survivors reconvened the United Nations conference and reached an agreement of a global mutual resource economy in order to take back what was rightfully theirs. In 2251 A.D. Research on the Nerve Conduction Device (NCD) rendered a once seemingly impossible confrontation with the alien force within striking distance. Thus arose from the ashes of our world the Nerve Conduction Nuclear Mech allowing humanity to live for tomorrow, a tomorrow where the skies were the limit. The fight for earth had begun. Earth, our world, our dreams our hope…is in your hands!
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